Our Story

  • Intro

    In the garden of life, big things can grow from humble beginnings. Back in 1977, we made a commitment to using local and organic ingredients and in the years since, Canterbury Naturals has been an innovator in the "food revolution."

    But this long-standing dedication to quality isn't just a business goal, its our mission. Our Vision. Our responsibility to you.

    That's why we created our artisan soups and hand-crafted baking mixes. Each is made from the finest, simplest, most delicious ingredients. Because after all, when people eat better food, they feel better. And when they feel better, they face each day with an optimistic outlook. Which, the way we see it, is one way we can work together to make the world a better place - one great tasting meal at a time.

    Simply put, we aim to do good

    At Canterbury Naturals, we believe it is important to give back to the community — by providing for those in need and by supporting farmers who produce food in an environmentally friendly manner.

    We are dedicated to creating high-quality artisan soups and baking mixes, while striving to be great partners in the communities in which we work and do business.

    Each year, we donate food, money and time to such organizations as Food Lifeline, Children's Hospital in Seattle, St. Martin's, and Girls and Boys Clubs.

    We are honored to take an active role in these organizations and projects and pleased we've helped them serve those in need.

  • Values



    We are responsible to our customers, company and community.


    Creativity and innovation give us a competitive edge.


    Honest products, people and purpose – all strongly rooted in business integrity and loyalty.


    We are caring stewards of our environment and community.


    Making products we love, by people who care. Quality is reflected in who we are and everything we do.


    To Responsibly Grow our Business with Quality Products and People, in a Fun, Healthy and Dependable Environment.